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Photo Guide to Your Custom Pet Art

Print Any Pet - Photo Guide to Your Custom Pet Art

TIP 1: Get up-close and personal

Take close photos of your pet. If your pet is too far away, our artists will find it difficult to reproduce as much details as possible for your personalized pet product.

TIP 2: Lighting is very important

Photos taken on bright lighting help a lot. Photos taken outside on a sunny day, or in a room with bright lighting on, will help our artists to capture all the details of your photo and draw and match the colors of your pet.

TIP 3: Have your pet sitting up or standing up

Pick photos where your pet is sitting or standing up. Such photos will return higher quality results compared to a photo where your pet is laying down.

TIP 4: Make sure all body parts of your pet are present

Pick photos where no body parts (ears, tail, etc.) are cut out of the photo. We only draw what is shown on the photo.

TIP 5: Pick photos without filters

Sending a natural photo of your pet will ensure the accurate colors of your pet drawn on your pet art.

Here are some examples of photos that work great

We got your back!

We are always here to help you out! If you still find it difficult to choose the best photo for your pet's artwork, our customer service team will reach you and assist you to find one that will work great.

Congratulations! You are all set!